A Heart for Sisters

    “A Heart for Sisters,” Friend, May 2017

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    A Heart for Sisters

    A Heart for Sisters

    Hi! My name is Sophie.

    I have a little sister named Laynie and a baby sister named Josie. But my friends, my mom, and the girls on my soccer team are my sisters too—because we’re all children of God!

    We Love to Bake

    My friends and I love to bake. We took a cake-making class together. My favorite frosting is orange, and my favorite cake flavor is strawberry.

    Showing We Care

    My friend’s father and little sister died in a car crash. Their dog died too. My friends and I wanted to show we cared. With our moms we made cookies, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and brownies. We sold them and gave what we earned to help my friend’s family pay medical bills.

    A New Sister

    Before my baby sister was born, my mom had to stay in bed until the baby came. So we helped Mom every day. Dad, Laynie, my brother, Willie, and I did all the housework. We were excited when Josie was born.

    Nana’s Music

    We call my grandma Nana. She is teaching Laynie and me about rhythm and beat. Nana teaches us piano too. I like to play Church songs. My favorite is “When He Comes Again.” Nana is my sister in God’s family too!

    Sophie’s Ideas for Showing Love

    • Remember, it’s about others, not you.

    • Listen. Try to understand.

    • Keep things clean, like the room you share with your sister.