Conference Notes

“Conference Notes,” Friend, May 2017

Conference Notes

Friend Magazine, 2017/5 May

Family History and You

Eyring, Henry B.

President Eyring talked about how family history is for everyone. He said that many youth are learning about their family history and doing temple work. This helps them have strong testimonies of the plan of salvation. It helps them feel the Spirit and resist temptations. Many are bringing family names to do baptisms in the temple. Now their parents need to catch up!

What this teaches me:

Learning about Jesus

Nelson, Russell M.

Earlier this year, President Nelson asked the youth of the Church to spend time studying scriptures about what Jesus said and did. He said he learned more about Jesus when he read and underlined every verse about Jesus Christ listed in the Topical Guide. When he finished, he was excited and told his wife, “I am a different man!”

What this teaches me:

Blessings from Tithing

Cordon, Valeri V.

When Elder Cordón was a child, his father’s business went bankrupt and they had very little money. One day, Elder Cordón heard his parents talking about whether they should pay tithing or buy food. They decided to have faith and pay tithing. The next day, someone offered to pay his dad for work. They were always blessed with food on their table. Elder Cordón testified that we are blessed when we obey.

What this teaches me:

Keeping Our Promises

Joy D. Jones

Sister Jones told the story of five-year-old Lizzie and her big brother, Kevin. Kevin’s dad asked him if he would promise not to tease Lizzie for one day. Kevin agreed. He kept his promise! Then his mom asked him to try not teasing Lizzie for two days. He kept his promise again! Sister Jones said that when we keep our promises, we are learning to make and keep sacred covenants.

What this teaches me: