For Parents of Little Ones

    “For Parents of Little Ones,” Friend, May 2017

    For Parents of Little Ones

    For Parents of Little Ones

    Children may not understand the reasons for the rules you give them for taking care of their bodies—why they should wear sunscreen, for example, or why they should eat an apple instead of a cookie. But they do understand love.

    Here are some ideas for helping them view and care for their bodies lovingly.

    • Talk to them about their body in a positive way: “Hello, fingers! I’m going to cover you up with these mittens so you won’t gettoo cold.”

    • Teach that the body is a gift from Heavenly Father. Ask what they would do to take care of a special present. Then explain that Heavenly Father has told us how to care for our bodies so we are safe and happy. You might talk about the Word of Wisdom, or going to sleep on time.

    • Teach your children that they need to protect their bodies. Remind them to tell you right away if anyone or anything ever makes them uncomfortable during the day. Reassure them that it’s OK to say “NO!” if they’re uncomfortable. You could talk about good touch and bad touch and practice saying “NO!” out loud.

    • Some children came to earth with extra physical needs. Help your children notice all the things people are able to do—like laughing, smiling, or singing. Talk about how we can all serve others through something as simple as a smile.