Sharing Love with Friends

    “Sharing Love with Friends,” Friend, February 2017

    Friends with Heart

    Sharing Love with Friends

    Friend Magazine, 2017/02 Feb

    Hi! My name is Rentalyn. I live on the island of Weno in the Pacific Ocean. It’s one of many islands in the Chuuk Lagoon. I show my love for my friends by dancing with them, singing with them, and inviting them to church.

    A Dance about Friends

    My friends and I are learning ballet from Sister Hardy, one of the missionaries. We are practicing a ballet about a girl named Lily who got lost on an island and needs her friends to show the way.

    Inviting My Friends

    I invite my friends Demina and Sina to church, and sometimes they go with me. I hope they will get baptized someday.

    Songs of Love

    My friends and I like to sing together. My favorite songs are “Kindness Begins with Me,” “I Am a Child of God,” and “I Love to See the Temple.” I love my family, and I want to go to the temple to be sealed with them.

    Visiting My Cousins

    I love my cousins! I travel by boat to visit them on the island of Romanum. My uncle and cousins drive the boat. They drive the missionaries between islands too.

    Rentalyn’s Tips for Showing Love

    • Invite friends to church.

    • Have fun singing and dancing together.

    • Stay close to your family.

    • Become friends with the missionaries.