I Can Be a Peacemaker When I …
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“I Can Be a Peacemaker When I …” Friend, February 2017

I Can Be a Peacemaker When I …

Friend Magazine, 2017/02 Feb
  • Use a kind voice and kind words

  • Listen to others even when I don’t agree

  • Try to understand how others are feeling

  • Suggest ways to solve a problem

  • Say “sorry” when I make a mistake

  • Let go of angry feelings in a healthy way, like by exercising or writing in my journal

  • Pray to Heavenly Father for help in getting along

  • Use “I” messages, like “I feel ________________ when you ________________. Please ________________.”


Being a peacemaker doesn’t mean you let other people hurt you. If someone is being really mean to you, tell a parent, friend, or trusted adult right away. You are an important child of God, and you deserve to be treated with respect!