For Parents of Little Ones
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“For Parents of Little Ones,” Friend, February 2017

For Parents of Little Ones

Friend Magazine, 2017/02 Feb

Preschoolers are beginning to learn about the Savior. Their hearts are open to Jesus’s love, and their ears are open to stories and music about Him. Long before little ones understand what Jesus has done for them, they can know He loves them—and feel love for Him in return.

Three ways to teach little ones about Jesus:

  • Choose a wall, shelf, or scrapbook to display pictures of people who love your child. Include a picture of Jesus along with pictures of your child’s favorite relatives and friends. Point to the pictures and ask him or her to name all the people. This can give you a chance to tell your child who Jesus is and that He is real.

  • At bedtime, tell stories about Jesus. Little ones will listen to almost anything that begins, “Once a long time ago …” You can visit and use the illustrated or animated versions of scripture stories too.

  • At, you can search the Children’s Songbook for songs about Jesus. Listen to them or sing them throughout the week. When children hear “He Sent His Son,” they get a simple message about the Savior’s mission. When they listen to “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus,” they learn that Jesus is kind.