Forever Family
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“Forever Family,” Friend, February 2017

Forever Family

I’m glad my family can be forever.

Friend Magazine, 2017/02 Feb

I wanted to create this poem because I really am comforted by the knowledge I have that families are forever. On the first day of fourth grade, my grandma, who lived in my home all my life, passed away. I’m glad to know I have the opportunity to see my grandma and family again in heaven.

Families Are Forever

One thing that keeps me going,

It keeps me feeling strong,

Is that families are forever,

And we always get along.

I love them very dearly

And know they love me too.

Heavenly Father is waiting

With our relatives who

Just came to earth for bodies

Or got older and just passed.

Grannies, grandpas, all ancestors

Aren’t just history or past.

They really are still living.

They haven’t left for good.

We’ll see them up with God

In the Heavenly Neighborhood.

All of them mean something.

We’re all one family.

We miss them, yes we do,

But they’re waiting there for you!