Double Happy

“Double Happy,” Friend, February 2017

Double Happy

Friend Magazine, 2017/02 Feb

“Here is your class,” Lilly said.

It was Sam’s first day in Primary. Lilly was happy to help her brother.

When Sam cried, Lilly sat by him. She helped him feel better. Sam was scared when they went to class. So Lilly stayed with him.

Lilly helped Sam every Sunday.

“Lilly, you have been a good helper with Sam,” Mom said one Sunday. “Now it’s time for his teacher to help him instead.”

“But if I don’t sit by Sam, he’ll cry,” Lilly said.

“I know,” Mom said. “But his teacher can help. Then you can go to your class too.”

Lilly frowned. She didn’t think this was a good idea.

“Sometimes we need to obey, even when we don’t know why,” said Dad. “When we obey our parents, it helps us learn to obey Heavenly Father.”

“OK,” Lilly said. She hoped Mom’s idea worked.

Lilly sat with her own class in Primary.

Sam cried for a little bit. His teacher helped him. Soon Sam was singing songs with the others. He liked Primary.

Lilly liked sitting with her class too.

After Primary, Dad asked how it went.

“It was great!” Lilly said. “Sam only cried a little. We both had fun with our classes. I showed Sam how to be reverent.”

Now Lilly felt double happy. She was happy she helped Sam. And she was happy she obeyed.