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“Question Corner,” Friend, February 2017

Question Corner

Sometimes I get annoyed with my family. What can I do?

Friend Magazine, 2017/02 Feb

Pray to Heavenly Father and ask Him to help you be nice to your family. Hug them.

Noah F., age 10, Queensland, Australia

Giulia: Try to think about all the good times you’ve had with them, and think about how people aren’t perfect.

Bruna: Even if they don’t say sorry, I would forgive them.

Giulia and Bruna R., ages 13 and 8, São Paulo, Brazil

If my little sister is annoying me, I make her bed or make her a treat. I also like to make cards, do extra chores, and say a prayer. I feel the Spirit telling me I did the right thing.

Adeline B., age 9, Tennessee, USA

If you don’t like what they are doing, ask them to stop. I love them because they love me.

Shantal S., age 4, Táchira, Venezuela

Julia: I can be kind to my family, and when I am annoyed, I can tell them that I love them and then be nice. I can follow the Savior and show them love.

Darrin: Just be happy and share with them and serve them.

Julia and Darrin S., ages 8 and 6, New Mexico, USA

I would pray, have family home evenings, and talk to them.

Luisa R., age 9, Baja California, Mexico

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