Explorer Everett
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“Explorer Everett,” Friend, February 2017

Explorer Everett

Friend Magazine, 2017/02 Feb

Explorer Everett likes to dig for treasure. He pretends that sparkly rocks are gold coins. He pretends that sticks are dinosaur bones. Everett runs to show Mom what he found. Look out! Everett trips over a rock and hurts his knee. He feels very sad. Mom puts a bandage on his knee. “Let’s say a prayer,” Mom says. They pray that his knee will feel better. Now Explorer Everett is on the hunt again! As he looks for a treasure map, his knee starts to feel better. Everett feels happy. He knows that Heavenly Father and Jesus love him.

Heavenly Father and Jesus Love You

Everett knows that Heavenly Father and Jesus love him. They love you too! What do you see in the picture that shows Heavenly Father and Jesus’s love? What else can you think of? Draw them into the picture too!