The Cleanup Crew
January 2016

“The Cleanup Crew,” Friend, Jan. 2016, 8–9

The Cleanup Crew

Act out this story with a few friends, or use a puppet for each character!

Sarah: It’s time for an Official Children’s Conference. Let’s decide what to do while Mom is running errands.

Laura: We should play pioneers! We can pretend our pillows are bags of flour and drive “wagons” to Utah.

Chris: Let’s make cookies instead!

Alicia: I think we should go outside and ride our bikes.

Robert: I want to look for insects.

Sarah: Those are all great ideas, and I think we should try them. But what if we did something nice for Mom? She looked like she could use some cheering up.

Laura: Well, Mom likes it when we play pioneers.

Chris: She likes cookies.

Robert: And looking at bugs.

Alicia: She loves it when we go outside.

Sarah: Hmm … Maybe we could find something extra special to do, though. Something to help her out.

[Everyone taps their chins while they think.]

Laura: [Laura jumps up and down.] I know! We could clean up The Desk. It’s covered in all sorts of stuff, like crayons, pencils, schoolwork, toys, and mail.

Chris: That would be a really big job.

Alicia: How will we do it?

Robert: It will take forever!

Laura: But we can try.

Sarah: Let’s do it! Everyone pick just one thing to do.

Chris: I’ll stack up the mail.

Alicia: I can put the toys away!

Robert: I’ll organize everyone’s schoolwork.

Laura: I’ll line up the crayons and pencils by color!

Sarah: There are a few things I don’t know what to do with. I’ll put them in a box.

[Everyone steps back to admire how clean The Desk is.]

Chris: Wow!

Robert: That went by really fast.

Alicia: And Mom will love it.

Sarah: Now let’s do something fun!

Laura: That was fun. Maybe even better than playing pioneers!

The Cleanup Crew