Journey to the Promised Land
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“Journey to the Promised Land,” Friend, Jan. 2016, 43–45

Book of Mormon Stories

Journey to the Promised Land

Nephi lived with his family in Jerusalem. His father, Lehi, was a prophet. His mother was Sariah. His brothers were Laman, Lemuel, and Sam.

Heavenly Father told Nephi’s father that his family needed to leave the city so they could be safe. It was hard to leave their home. But Nephi’s family obeyed and went into the wilderness.

Heavenly Father said Nephi and his brothers needed to go back to the city to get the scriptures. Nephi was a good example when his brothers didn’t want to obey. He said he would do what Heavenly Father asked.

Heavenly Father gave Nephi’s family a special compass called the Liahona. When they obeyed Heavenly Father, it pointed the way to travel. It showed them where to go to find food.

We can be like Nephi when we obey the commandments and follow Heavenly Father!