Music: I’ll Stand Tall
January 2016

“Music: I’ll Stand Tall,” Friend, Jan. 2016, 33

I’ll Stand Tall

David faced the giant

With only five small stones.

He did not fear.

He knew the Lord was near,

So David stood tall!

Esther prayed for courage

Before she faced the king.

Her faith burned bright.

The Lord was on her side,

So Esther stood tall!

When I face a challenge

That’s either great or small,

I’ll show my faith

And courage every day,

So I can stand tall!

I’ll stand tall! The Savior is beside me.

He’s always there to guide me.

I do not walk alone, I’ll stand tall!

His Spirit will direct me,

His loving arms protect me.

He’s on my side, so I can stand tall!

Music: I’ll Stand Tall