Standing Tall in Ethiopia
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“Standing Tall in Ethiopia,” Friend, Jan. 2016, 14–15

Friends Who Stand Tall

Standing Tall in Ethiopia

My name is Tsion!

I live in Ethiopia, a country in eastern Africa. I like playing soccer and reading. And I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I stand tall by living the gospel every day and sharing it with my friends!

How I Got a Testimony

I came to church for the first time when I was eight. I read the Book of Mormon, I listened to the missionaries, and I prayed. The Spirit told me the Church was true, and I wanted to be baptized. The gospel makes me happy.

Helping My Family

My family usually walks to church, and it takes about an hour. When my little brother gets tired, my brother or I will carry him. I help at home by washing dishes and cleaning the house.

My Church Calling

My favorite part of church is sacrament meeting. I get to lead the music.

My favorite scripture story is David and Goliath. My favorite song is “Book of Mormon Stories.”

Sharing What I Know

I tell my friends at school about the restored gospel. One friend used to ask me about the Church—then she suddenly stopped. I asked her why. She said her parents were upset. I hope someday her parents will change their minds.

What Standing Tall Means to Me

“Standing tall” means living the gospel every day. Heavenly Father and Jesus want me to testify of Them! I want all of my friends around the world to share the restored gospel with their friends.

Tsion’s Tips for Standing Tall

  • Gain a testimony for yourself. Read the scriptures and pray.

  • Share your testimony and be a good example to your friends.

  • Go to church every Sunday and live the gospel standards.

Friend Magazine, 2016/01 Jan