Funstuff: Build Your Own Boat!
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“Funstuff: Build Your Own Boat!” Friend, Jan. 2016, 21


Build Your Own Boat!

Nephi built a boat that carried his family to the promised land. You can build your own boat with a few simple materials and your imagination. Be sure to get an adult’s help. Race your boats side by side down a small stream!

Here are some ideas to get you started.

You will need:

  • drinking straw

  • craft sticks in different sizes

  • duct tape

  • waterproof craft glue

  • cork (find at a hobby store)

Building the Boat

  1. Line up craft sticks side by side and glue crosspieces across them.

  2. Glue stacked craft sticks on the outside edges.

  3. You can wrap duct tape around your boat or put cork on the bottom or sides of the boat to help it float.

Building the Sail (optional)

  1. Make a sail by sticking duct tape to itself.

  2. Glue two craft sticks across the middle of your boat to support the sail.

  3. Cut holes in the sail and attach it to a craft stick or drinking straw.

  4. Attach the sail to the cross braces with duct tape or glue.

Friend Magazine, 2016/01 Jan