Question Corner: Bullying
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“Question Corner: Bullying,” Friend, Jan. 2016, 20

Question Corner

A girl at school is always mean to me. How can I still be kind to her?

Try to be a good friend to her even though she is mean to you. Maybe she is having a hard time at home. Love her.

Mario H., age 7, California, USA

You can give her a note and say really nice things like, “You are really good at math!” It happened to me, and we became friends.

Avery H., age 9, Washington, USA

Just pretend they’re saying nice things or ignore them. You can also ask them to stop or talk to a parent or teacher.

Josh H., age 8, Colorado, USA

I had an experience with a girl being mean to me. I tried to be nice and see if that would help. I also talked to her in a nice way about why she was treating me like that and how it made me feel. It helped a lot.

Kamryn T., age 8, Georgia, USA

Be nice to her and help her. Say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to help you think nice thoughts.

Hanisi T., age 6, Tasmania, Australia

That happened to me once. I prayed about what to do and asked my mom for advice. I nicely asked the girl to stop what she was doing, then asked if she wanted to play at recess. She said sure, and we became friends.

Tifnee H., age 10, Utah, USA

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