Question Corner: Sunday
August 2015

“Question Corner: Sunday,” Friend, Aug. 2015, 21

Question Corner

How do I know if something is appropriate to do on Sunday?

Friend Magazine, 2015/08 Aug

I think if you can feel the Spirit while you do something on Sunday, then it is a good thing to do. Some things my sisters and I like to do on Sunday are write in our journals, play with each other, read good books, write to our friends and family, take naps, make scripture movies with our brothers, watch scripture movies, call our grandparents, read the scriptures, and of course, go to church and Primary.

Joyce, Sage, and Mercy J., ages 3, 5, and 9, Taranaki, New Zealand

When I’m doing something that is not right for the Sabbath, I feel like it’s not right because the Holy Ghost is telling me it’s not right. I always ask my mom or dad if it’s right for the Sabbath.

Rebecca H., age 7, Utah, USA

I know that I should not go to stores on Sunday. I also know that I should try to take my scriptures to church on Sunday. I should wear church clothes to church. If I do these things then I can feel the Holy Ghost.

Joshua N., age 8, Alberta, Canada

Ask yourself these questions: Do my parents say it is appropriate to do on Sunday? Do I feel the Holy Ghost telling me it is a good thing to do?

Vivian F., age 10, California, USA

You know when something is appropriate to do on Sunday because you feel the Spirit. I feel the Spirit when I go to church, read my scriptures, or read the Friend magazine.

Hannah G., age 9, Ohio, USA

Ask a parent if it is a right thing to do. See if it has something to do with the gospel.

Lucy G., age 7, Virginia, USA

I think that you can tell if something is appropriate on Sunday by asking if it will invite the Spirit, or if it will help you think about Heavenly Father. You can see if it is something that is rough and not calm. We shouldn’t be doing rough things on the day of rest.

Katie A., age 11, Utah, USA

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