Show and Tell
August 2015

“Show and Tell,” Friend, Aug. 2015, 26

Show and Tell

Friend Magazine, 2015/08 Aug

Daniel S., age 8, France, keeps busy learning Portuguese, French, and English. He and his sister practice karate and both moved on to the green belt. In his free time Daniel likes to draw. One of his heroes is Captain Moroni. Daniel wants to be brave like him.

Primary children from the Marsden Ward, Karawtha Stake, Queensland, Australia, love meeting together as a Primary and learning about Jesus.

The children from the Busia Branch Primary in the Uganda Kampala Mission show their love for the Savior by praying, studying the scriptures, and going to Primary. They also carry water and their siblings on their backs, gather sticks for firewood, and wash the dishes.

I enjoy surprises and helping and cleaning. I also like music and practicing the piano. I like traveling also. There are many places I have been. I believe that God will guide me along the way and keep me safe, and I believe that you can believe Heavenly Father too.

Makenzie M., age 8, Michigan, USA

Everyone at my school in the fourth grade was reading a book that was very popular. I put the book on hold at the library and finally it was my turn! I started reading it and realized that the book made me feel uncomfortable. I read two chapters to see if it changed, but it didn’t. I stopped reading the book and returned it to the library. I felt good for choosing the right.

Savanna M., age 9, Wyoming, USA

A friend of mine told me about a new computer game. I watched him play it, and it was very scary. I thought that if I played it, I would have nightmares. I had the strong feeling that I should not play this game. I knew that it was the Holy Ghost telling me that it would be wrong. I am so grateful that I listened.

Thomas R., age 8, California, USA

Helping Hands

10,464 hands and counting!

Be kind like Jesus Christ.

Igor P., age 8, São Paulo, Brazil

I can help Jesus by choosing the right. Sometimes I make my little sister’s bed for her.

Samantha P., age 5, Utah, USA

I helped clean up my toys.

Christopher B., age 6, Illinois, USA

I make people happy with my smile.

Christina B., age 6, Illinois, USA

I made breakfast every Sunday.

Tyson P., age 7, Idaho, USA

I helped clean up the classroom with my friend.

Reese W., age 4, Hawaii, USA

My parents got a divorce, so now I go to a new Primary. It’s scary for me. I help my daddy by going to class and not crying.

Carson P., age 5, Utah, USA

I tickled my sister to keep her busy.

Amanda R., age 7, Oregon, USA

I help my grandpa by taking out the trash cans every week.

Missael C., age 8, California, USA

I help my mom by taking care of my little brother when she has to cook for us.

Eriana C., age 6, California, USA