Dear Parents and Teachers
August 2015

“Dear Parents and Teachers,” Friend, Aug. 2015, back cover

Dear Parents and Teachers,

Friend Magazine, 2015/08 Aug

Divorce can be a hard topic to talk about with children. This month’s magazine includes a story about a girl who is dealing with her parents’ divorce (page 44). On page 46 there are answers to questions and worries kids might have about divorce. By talking about this in an open, safe way, we can help our children deal with hard times or support friends who are struggling.

You are loved,

The Friend

Primary Connection

Look for the colored diamonds on the table of contents to find stories and activities that support Primary this month!

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Family Home Evening Ideas

Kindness: Read “Tag, You’re It!” (page 4). What can you do if someone is being bullied or left out? What would Jesus do? Use “Family Fun Time” (page 6) to talk about being a good friend. Then make the rainbow delight treat!

Choosing the Best: Read Elder Cook’s message on page 30. Then turn to the “Aim for the Best!” poster (page 24). Cut out the bull’s-eye and hang it somewhere you will see it often. Where would your family’s activities fit on the bull’s-eye?

How to Repent and Forgive: Read “The Watermelon Thieves” (page 8). Then read about how to repent and forgive (page 10). Take turns reading each of the steps. Do you have any stories you could share about when you had to ask for forgiveness or pray for help forgiving someone else?

Be an Example: Read Elder Porter’s message on page 12. What have your family members done this week to be good examples to others? Start in a dimly lit room and turn on lights as you review each idea in the sidebar, “Four Ways You Can Shine!” (page 13). What else could you add to the list?