Funstuff: Dancing through Life
August 2015

“Funstuff: Dancing through Life,” Friend, Aug. 2015, 28


Dancing through Life

Funstuff: Dancing through Life

Part of living our gospel standards means choosing good, uplifting music. This family is listening to some uplifting music that makes them want to dance!

The “grapevine” is an easy dance you can learn. Try it whenever awesome music makes you want to get up and move!

Do the Grapevine!

Grapevine to the right

  1. Step with your right foot to the right side.

  2. Step with your left foot behind the right.

  3. Step your right foot to the side.

  4. Bring your left foot over to connect with the right.

Now grapevine to the left!

  • Do the opposite steps as above by stepping left with your left foot, step your right foot behind the left, etc.

  • Repeat! Clap and dance to the music and beat.