Jesus Christ Brings Lazarus Back to Life
August 2015

“Jesus Christ Brings Lazarus Back to Life,” Friend, Aug. 2015, 40–41

Scripture Time

Jesus Brings Lazarus Back to Life

Learn about the New Testament together this year!

Jesus Brings Lazarus Back to Life

Has someone in your family been sick? Jesus’s friends Mary and Martha worried because their brother, Lazarus, was very sick. They sent someone to tell Jesus so He could come heal Lazarus. But Lazarus died before Jesus got there.

When Jesus saw how sad Mary and Martha were, He cried. Then He asked someone to move the stone from the door of the tomb, and He commanded Lazarus to come out. Lazarus’s spirit came back into his body, and he walked out of the tomb, still wearing burial clothes. People were amazed. Jesus had power over death! He truly was the Son of God!

Each of Jesus’s miracles showed His great love and His great power. If we believe in Him and follow His example, we will live with Him again!

Family Talk

Talk about how you would have felt if you had seen Lazarus come out of the tomb. Then read John 11:1–46 together and finish these sentences:

  1. When Jesus heard that Lazarus was sick …

  2. When Jesus got to Bethany, Lazarus …

  3. Martha believed that …

  4. Jesus wept because …

  5. Jesus prayed to Heavenly Father because …

  6. After Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, many people … , but some people …

Death is part of Heavenly Father’s plan, and sometimes our loved ones are sick or die. Even when our prayers aren’t answered the way we would like, we can have faith that Heavenly Father loves us and knows what is best.

Song: “He Sent His Son” (Children’s Songbook, 34). Watch a sing-along video for this song at children.lds.org. Click on “Videos and Music.”

Scriptures: Matthew 11:2–5; 2 Nephi 27:23

Video: Go to Biblevideos.org to watch “Lazarus Is Raised from the Dead.”

Many Mighty Miracles

Match the pictures of each miracle with the scripture verses below.

Mark 8:22–25

John 5:1–9

Mark 9:17, 21–27

Mark 5:21–24, 35–43

Mark 4:36–39

Matthew 14:16–21

Scripture Tip

Use the Bible map in your scriptures to learn more about scripture stories. Mary, Martha, and Lazarus lived in Bethany, a town near Jerusalem. Some of the leaders in Jerusalem wanted to harm Jesus, so His disciples were worried about going to a town so close to Jerusalem. Jesus was not afraid and encouraged His disciples to follow Him.