The Temple Is a Holy Place
Jul. 2015

“The Temple Is a Holy Place,” Friend, Jul. 2015, 23

The Temple Is a Holy Place

A story from Elder Andersen’s life.

When Elder Neil L. Andersen was young, he learned how important it is to be in holy places. When he was three years old, his family had to drive 90 miles (145 km) every Sunday to get to church! His parents taught him that going to church is important. They helped him learn to choose the right. This helped him prepare to go to another holy place—the temple.

When Neil was older, he wanted to serve a mission. But he was a little worried. “How can I serve a mission when I know so little?” he prayed.

He felt the answer in his heart. “You don’t know everything, but you know enough.”

That answer gave Neil courage. He obeyed and served a mission in France. Before he left, he went to the temple. There he made special promises, called covenants, with Heavenly Father. He was blessed for going to the temple.

After his mission he met a girl named Kathy. Kathy chose the right. She loved Heavenly Father. Neil and Kathy decided to get married.

Neil and Kathy were married and made covenants together in the Salt Lake Temple. Later they had four children. Their family is blessed because of their temple covenants. They can be together forever.