Show and Tell
Jul. 2015

“Show and Tell,” Friend, Jul. 2015, 32–33

Show and Tell

We love to see the temple!

Show and Tell

About 120 members and friends of the Valrico Ward, Brandon Florida Stake, USA, visited the Orlando Florida Temple. Before they went, the activity-day girls went to the family history center to learn how to use FamilySearch. Dressed in their Sunday best, 48 Primary children visited the temple grounds while their parents attended the temple.

While the Ogden Utah Temple was being rebuilt, Primary children from the Evanston 6th Ward, Wyoming, USA, used sugar cubes to build a model of the temple. They learned about how families can be together forever. The children are so excited to have the temple open again!

Preston and Jacob C., ages 11 and 9, Michigan, USA, built a model of the Detroit Michigan Temple.

The largest photo in our home is of the temple. Next are pictures of our family and my parents when they were married in the temple. Someday I want to be married in the temple too, like my mama and papa.

Dantzel (second from left) with Richmond, Margaret, Eliza, and Elaine A., ages 6, 9, 8, 5, and 3, Ozamiz District, Philippines

I’m trying to be like Jesus by helping take care of my sister, Kira, who has autism. A lot of kids think she is weird, but I don’t think that. When I play with her, I help her go down the waterslide and do many other things. I love her so much! I do those things because I know Jesus loves her. That is how I’m trying to be like Jesus.

Anika E., age 7, Pennslyvania, USA

My grandpa is not a member of the Church. My mom took him to the temple open house. My grandpa’s favorite room was the celestial room. I hope he will join the Church soon. I love him.

Elisabeth H., age 8, Idaho, USA

After seeing the cover of the September 2014 Friend, Caleb I., age 5, Utah, USA, made a temple too!

Helping Hands

8,575 hands and counting!

I read to my baby sister.

Erica J., age 6, New South Wales, Australia

I give people hugs when they are sad.

Jordan M., age 5, Hawaii, USA

I can play music to make people happy.

Jaydon M., age 5, Hawaii, USA

I help Mom tend my nieces by playing with them, helping them clean up, and sharing my toys. We have lots of fun!

Genet D., age 8, Utah, USA

I watched and played with my sister.

Johnnie H., age 7, New York, USA

I surprised Mom by cleaning her bedroom.

Asha G., age 6, Netherlands

I helped my mom clean up the kitchen.

Silas G., age 3, Netherlands

I helped others when they fell down.

Hayden S., age 5, Washington, USA

I helped my brother up when he fell.

Knox M., age 5, Wisconsin, USA

I baked cookies with my great grandma and took them to a family.

Parker H., age 7, Texas, USA

The Bangkok International Ward Primary in Thailand sent us a picture of their hands!

I surprised Mom by cleaning her bedroom.

Asha G., age 6, Netherlands