Food Drive Fun
Jul. 2015

“Food Drive Fun,” Friend, Jul. 2015, 12–13

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Food Drive Fun

Food Drive Fun

Hi, I’m Micaela!

Each summer, my stake has a food drive to collect food for a food bank. I was sad to learn that some kids don’t get dinner every night, I know how grumpy I feel when I’m hungry, so I wanted to help with the food drive.

Spreading the Word

A food bank gives food to people who don’t have much money. I wanted lots of people to help donate. A few weeks before the food drive, I brought flyers to my school teacher. She passed out more flyers to other teachers.

Running for a Reason

I decided to run the one-mile race that was held as part of the food drive. I practiced in my neighborhood so my body would be ready to run a whole mile.

Gathering Donations

Some races you have to pay money to enter. For this race, runners were asked to donate food instead of money! My parents and friends gave me food to donate.

Ready, Set, Serve!

It was a hot morning, but I finished the race. I ran the whole time without stopping. I even got a medal for finishing!

Sorting the Food

After the race my family and I went to the parking lot of a local grocery store to sort the donations that went to the food bank.

Micaela’s Tip

I try to invite friends to Church service activities, whether they’re members or not. We have fun!

How You Can Help

  • Instead of birthday gifts, you could ask for donations for your local food bank.

  • Visit your local food bank. Ask what items they need the most.

  • Plant a garden! Some food banks accept fresh fruit and vegetable donations.

  • Your family’s fast offering helps provide food for families in need.