A Testimony of the Church
Jul. 2015

“A Testimony of the Church,” Friend, Jul. 2015, 2–3

From the First Presidency

A Testimony of the Church

Adapted from “Receiving a Testimony of Light and Truth,” Ensign, Nov 2014, 20–23.

Your personal testimony is the most important thing you can earn.

A Testimony of the Church

Heavenly Father cares about you. He will listen to and answer your personal questions. He has promised that we can know that the Church is true. He has given this pattern:

First, search the word of God. Read the scriptures. Study the words from modern prophets about the gospel. Pay attention to how you feel.

Second, try to believe. Be grateful that Heavenly Father has given us prophets to help us find our way back to Him.

Third, ask Heavenly Father to reveal the truth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to you. Ask with a sincere heart and with real intent, having faith in Jesus Christ.

Fourth, if you want to know the truth of the gospel, you must first live it. Choose the right and live the way Jesus taught. Do it with honesty and faith.

If you do these things, Heavenly Father will reveal the truth to you by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Your personal testimony of the gospel and the Church is the most important thing you can earn in this life. It will bless and guide you your whole life.

Testimony Basics

One of the best ways to help your testimony grow is by sharing it with others. Not sure what to say? Here are a few basic parts of a testimony to get you started:

  1. God is our Heavenly Father and He loves us.

  2. His Son, Jesus Christ, is our Savior and Redeemer.

  3. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. He restored the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth and translated the Book of Mormon by the power of God.

  4. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Heavenly Father’s Church on the earth today.

  5. This Church is led by a living prophet who receives revelation.

Cut out the pictures and the list, and glue them on heavy paper. As you say each of these five parts of a testimony, look at the matching picture. You can take these pictures in your school backpack or your scripture bag to help you remember to share your testimony.