Matt and Mandy
Jul. 2015

“Matt and Mandy,” Friend, Jul. 2015, 31

Matt and Mandy

The Coopers like to go to the temple to see the gardens and to talk.

Matt and Mandy

It’s beautiful! I can hardly wait to go inside someday.

I can show you something great about the temple without even going in. Look over there.

What do you notice about those people?

They all look happy?

Remember how you felt when you bore your testimony last month?

Yeah. I felt happy and peaceful. You said that feeling was the Holy Ghost.

This temple is Heavenly Father’s house. He wants all of His children to come here. And when they do, He blesses them with His Spirit.

I think that’s why those people are smiling, don’t you?

Now I really can’t wait until I’m old enough to go to the temple!