Funstuff: Find That Temple!
Jul. 2015

“Funstuff: Find That Temple!” Friend, Jul. 2015, 29


Find That Temple!

Funstuff: Find That Temple!

Next time you visit a temple, look at the windows. Do they have any pictures or patterns in them? The windows in many temples have different themes.

Use the clues to find the art glass that goes with each temple. Check your answers below.

  1. The Winter Quarters NebraskaTemple was built where pioneer Saints stopped during their journey to the Salt Lake Valley.

  2. The Palmyra New York Temple is near the Sacred Grove, where Joseph Smith saw the First Vision.

  3. The São Paulo Brazil Temple is built in South America. Christ visited the Americas after His Resurrection.

  4. The Payson Utah Temple is in an area that was once filled with apple orchards.

  5. The outside of the Nauvoo Illinois Temple is decorated with carvings of the sun and moon.

  6. The Accra Ghana Temple has windows colored with patterns from traditional African art.

  • Answers: 1, C; 2, B; 3, A; 4, F; 5, E; 6, D