Stop Watching Now!

    “Stop Watching Now!” Friend, Feb. 2015, 8–9

    Stop Watching Now!

    The movie was fine, so why did Noah have this feeling?

    “Listen to the still small voice!” (Children’s Songbook, 107).

    Stop Watching Now!

    Noah finished the last math problem, put his pencil down, and gazed out his bedroom window. The wind was blowing so hard it rattled the glass and sent autumn leaves spinning. He shivered. Noah missed summer and wished it would come sooner.

    He sighed and went to find Mom. “Mom, I’m done with my homework, but it’s too cold to play outside. Can I go downstairs and watch a movie?”

    “Sure,” Mom said. “Take Daniel and Elisabeth too.”

    “OK.” Noah found his younger brother and sister playing with some toys. “Want to watch a movie with me?”

    “Yeah!” Daniel and Elisabeth jumped up and followed him downstairs. Noah found one of their favorite DVDs and put it in the player.

    “I’m cold,” Elisabeth said.

    Noah went to the electric space heater and turned it on. Mom and Dad said he was old enough to use the heater, but he should be careful not to let anything touch it.

    Elisabeth’s teeth chattered. “I’m still cold!”

    “It takes a while to warm up,” Noah said. “Let’s get some blankets.”

    They searched through a pile of blankets. Noah picked a fuzzy green one, Daniel chose a small blue one, and Elisabeth found a warm brown one. They grabbed some pillows and settled down on the couch.

    A few minutes into the movie, Noah suddenly felt that he should stop watching. Was that the Holy Ghost warning him? He knew the movie was a good one, so why would the Holy Ghost tell him to turn it off?

    The feeling came again, and Noah glanced away from the TV. Just then he smelled something strange. He looked around the room. His heart started pounding when he saw a pillow against the space heater. It must have fallen when they were grabbing blankets!

    Noah ran to the heater and yanked the pillow away. It was covered with brown burn marks where it had touched the hot metal. He turned off the heater and ran upstairs with the pillow.

    “Mom! The pillow was on the heater!” he said, holding it out for Mom to see.

    Mom was working on papers at the table, but when she saw the pillow, she dropped them and rushed over. “What happened?”

    Noah sat down at the table and took a deep breath. “I had a feeling I should stop watching the movie,” he said. “So I looked away. That’s when I smelled something funny and saw the pillow on the heater.” Noah thought for a moment. “Do you think that feeling was the Holy Ghost warning me?”

    Mom smiled and sat on a chair next to Noah. “Have you ever felt something like that before?” she asked.

    “Not until today,” Noah said. “I think it was the Holy Ghost!”

    Mom hugged Noah. “I think you’re right.”

    Noah felt peaceful inside. He looked down at the burned pillow and was grateful he had paid attention to the Holy Ghost.