All Aboard the Friend Ship!

    “All Aboard the Friend Ship!” Friend, Feb. 2015, 24–25

    All Aboard the Friend Ship!

    All Aboard the Friend Ship!

    In the scriptures, Jesus invited us to be His friends (see John 15:14–15). We can follow His example and be a good friend to others. Here’s a game you can play with friends.

    • Cut out the slips of paper on the side of the page and put them in a bag.

    • Cut out the pieces of the ship below.

    • Take turns choosing papers from the bag, follow the instructions, then add a piece to build your very own “friend ship”! The numbers show the order for placing the cutouts.

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    Friend Ship Challenges

    How could you cheer up a classmate who looks sad? Have another player help you act out the scene.

    Friends have fun together! All players make a silly face and hold it for seven seconds.

    All players write a nice note to give to someone at church or school.

    See how quickly you can find the friends mentioned in these Bible verses: Ruth 1:16, 22 (page 379), 1 Samuel 18:3 (page 408).

    Say two ways you could make a new family feel welcome at church.

    Sharing good music is one way to be a friend. Hum a Primary song while the other players guess what it is.

    All players say one way they are the same and one way they are different from the other players.

    Read this quote by President Monson: “Heavenly Father loves you—each of you. That love never changes. … It is simply always there.”

    What do you like to do with your friends? Name as many fun activities as you can in 10 seconds.

    If you hear kids being mean to someone at school or church, what should you do? Think of three answers.