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    Give Us a Hand!

    So far you’ve sent us 682 stories about caring and helping! Turn to page 15 to find out how to send us your “helping hand”!

    I made muffins for my neighbor when she had a new baby.

    Ashley H., age 11, Utah, USA

    Hide & Seek & Stay

    You can help someone who seems lonely by going over to them and staying with them. It’s like playing this game!

    Choose one person to hide. When someone finds the hiding person, he or she squeezes into the hiding place too. The last person to find the group is the next person to hide.

    For the Birds

    Be sure to get an adult’s help with this craft.

    1. Mix 1/4 cup water and one .25-oz (7-g) envelope of unflavored gelatin in a pot and simmer it until the gelatin dissolves.

    2. Let the gelatin cool. Then mix in 3/4 cup birdseed.

    3. Set cookie cutters on a piece of waxed paper. Spoon the birdseed mixture into the cookie cutters and press it down with a piece of waxed paper.

    4. Use a straw to make a hole in each shape.

    5. Let the shapes harden overnight. Tie string through each hole. Hang the feeders outside near a branch the birds can sit on, and watch the birds enjoy them!

    Fun Fruit Dip

    Mix honey and cinnamon with plain yogurt. Voila! You have a yummy dip for apple slices, grapes, or any other fruit you like.

    Stand Tall!

    How do you repent when you make a mistake?