Question Corner: Making Friends

    “Question Corner: Making Friends,” Friend, Feb. 2015, 16

    Question Corner: Making Friends

    I’m going to a new school this year, and I’m worried because I don’t know anybody yet. How can I make friends when I’m new?

    Question Corner

    When I started second grade, my dad gave me a father’s blessing. In the blessing he said I should be a friend to everyone, especially those who don’t have a friend. If you see someone who looks lonely, you can ask them their name and if they’d like to be friends. You’ll have a friend, and they will too!

    Emery N., age 7, South Carolina, USA

    I think you should compliment everyone you see, even if they’re mean to you. You can also pray to our Heavenly Father and ask Him to bring a wonderful friend to you. When you do make a friend, you should be sure to keep him or her by always being nice!

    Aaliyah P., age 10, Cayman Islands

    I was nervous when I began middle school this year because it was a new school and I didn’t know anybody. I decided to make friends by sitting next to people and talking to them in my homeroom and at lunch.

    Ethan R., age 11, North Carolina, USA

    When I am on the playground, I ask if kids want to play and be my friend. I have friends because I am a friend.

    Allyson T., age 5, Arizona, USA

    It can be hard to just start talking to new kids, but if you give them a compliment like, “I like your hair,” or “Awesome shirt!” they usually want to be your friend. Remember to treat others like you want to be treated. If you want people to greet you, then you should also give everyone a friendly “Hi.”

    Lindsay and Chris C., ages 8 and 7, Utah, USA

    I started a new school this year. I gave service to my fellow classmates. I gave them pencils or notebooks if they needed them. Now I have friends. You can do this too.

    Kristina J., age 10, Nevada, USA