Show and Tell

    “Show and Tell,” Friend, Feb. 2015, 28–29

    Show and Tell

    In March 2014 we asked readers to write their own haikus. Here are some of the wonderful poems you sent!

    Show and Tell

    Strong and True

    I will choose the right

    I have talents strong and true

    Testimony sure

    Ocala First Ward Primary, Florida, USA


    When I go to church

    my classroom is full of kids

    we feel the Holy Ghost.

    Vaughn and Rosalie J., ages 5 and 3, North Dakota, USA


    During sacrament

    I get a sacred feeling

    that Jesus is there.

    Susannah N., age 7, Virginia, USA


    I kneel by my bed

    I talk to Father above

    I feel His great love.

    Kallie L., age 9, Utah, USA


    Helping others can

    make great friendships that will last

    forever and on.

    Marie H., age 13, California, USA

    Gilbert Temple

    Pure as fresh clean snow,

    agave on the windows—

    what a pretty sight.

    Amanda S., age 10, Arizona, USA

    Going to Church

    When I go to church

    I will be very happy

    and will learn of God.

    Jason G., age 7, Idaho, USA


    I will choose the right

    and follow Christ’s example

    then I’ll be happy.

    Jill G., age 5, Idaho, USA


    Captain Moroni

    He was a courageous man

    He is my hero

    Wyatt L., age 8, Utah, USA

    Helping Hands!

    I helped play fetch with my dog, Tiger.

    Grant N., age 4, Utah, USA

    I live in Oslo, Norway. We went to America this summer, and I helped the Park City Utah Ward make back-to-school kits for needy children.

    Thomas F., age 9, Norway

    Hold my brothers’ hands when they cross the street to keep them safe.

    Anna C., age 9, Virginia, USA

    I played with my baby sister, Tobin.

    Jane A., age 7, Utah, USA

    When my mom was in Europe for six weeks, I did the laundry, cleaned the house, and even helped cook a couple of times.

    Sophia S., age 11, Utah, USA

    I put all the chairs around the table for my Primary teacher.

    Ethan B., age 5, Utah, USA

    I performed in church on my guitar.

    Matthew B., age 7, Virginia, USA

    I play with my baby brother when my mom is working and my dad is cooking.

    Abigail B., age 7, Utah, USA

    I earned some money to buy school supplies for some kids that didn’t have any.

    Olive S., age 5, Utah, USA

    I cleaned the basement.

    Coleton W., age 10, Utah, USA