Letters from Grandma Whittle

    “Letters from Grandma Whittle,” Friend, Feb. 2015, 23

    Letters from Grandma Whittle

    A story from Elder Scott’s life.

    When Elder Richard G. Scott was young, his father was not a member of the Church. His mother was a member, but she didn’t go to church very often. When Richard turned eight years old, he didn’t get baptized. Then his Grandma Whittle came to visit.

    Grandma Whittle was a very good example. She helped Richard and his brothers learn how important it is to be baptized and go to church. Soon Richard and his older brother were baptized.

    Whenever Richard had to give a talk in church, he would call Grandma Whittle on the phone to get her ideas. Soon he would get a letter in the mail with a talk his grandma had written out for him. When he got a little older, she would send just an outline with ideas to help him write his own talk. Richard always knew that Grandma Whittle loved him and loved the gospel.

    In college Richard met another good example. Her name was Jeanene. One night she told him, “When I marry, it will be to a returned missionary in the temple.” Richard decided to pray about going on a mission. Soon he and Jeanene both left on missions. After they came home, Richard and Jeanene were married in the Manti Utah Temple.