The New Adventures of Matt and Mandy

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“The New Adventures of Matt and Mandy,” Friend, June 2014, 41

The New Adventures of Matt & Mandy

Friend Magazine, 2014/06 Jun

Dad, we’re back from the library.

How’s the plumbing job going?

Maybe I’ll have this fixed by the time you’ve read all those books.

Better hurry then. Matt’s worked hard on his reading this year.

I’ll bet I can read faster than Mandy.

Yeah? I read so fast the book starts to get hot and I’m afraid it will catch fire.

That’s nothing. I read so fast the wind from my eyeballs blows the letters right off the page.

Well, I read so fast I get to the end of the book before the writer does.

I’ve got some good practice for you, Matt. How about reading this recipe to me while I fix dinner? Maybe the food will cook faster.

Mandy, how about reading me the instructions for this new faucet? Then maybe I can finish in time for you two to wash the dishes.