Just Like Cami’s Church

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“Just Like Cami’s Church,” Friend, June 2014, 32–35

For Little Friends

Just Like Cami’s Church

The author lives in Colorado, USA.

Friend Magazine, 2014/06 Jun

Cami was staying overnight with Grandma and Grandpa. They had fun playing together until bedtime. “Let’s get your dress ready for church tomorrow,” Grandma said.

Cami liked going to church, but she felt a little worried. Would Grandma and Grandpa’s church be the same as hers?

The next day at church, Cami sang songs and took the sacrament. The Primary sang a special song just for her. She saw a picture of Jesus and listened to a story about when He blessed the little children.

When Cami got home, she ran to show Mommy and Daddy the picture she colored in Primary. “Guess what?” she said. “Grandma and Grandpa’s church is just like our church. We all believe in Jesus!”

Mommy hugged Cami. “We are all part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” Cami smiled. She was glad that Grandma and Grandpa’s church was her church too!