I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
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“I Hope They Call Me on a Mission,” Friend, June 2014, 28

I Hope They Call Me on a Mission

Be better prepared for tomorrow by learning these skills today.

I Hope They Call Me on a Mission

Time for a Talk

Here are some tips for the next time you’re asked to give a talk in church:

  • Pray for help preparing a good message.

  • Divide a paper into four sections: Introduction, Story, Scripture, and My Testimony. Write a sentence or two for each section.

  • Practice saying the sentences until you remember them.

  • Relax and remember that everyone listening is on your side!

  • End your talk with, “In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”


Today I want to talk about prayer.


In the Friend magazine, there was a story about a boy and girl who were lost in a big city. They prayed for help and were able to find their way home.


Alma 37:37 says, “Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good.” This means that Heavenly Father will help us make good choices.

My Testimony

I know Heavenly Father loves us. We will be blessed when we pray to Him.

Hello readers,

Heavenly Father is happy when we teach one another. Giving talks is one way we can share our testimony with others. One thing I love about being a missionary is that I am often asked to give talks in church. That means I get to share my testimony a lot!

Good luck,

Sister Sermon