I’m Loredana from Italy

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“I’m Loredana from Italy,” Friend, June 2014, 12–13

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I’m Loredana from Italy

Ciao, amici!*

Friend Magazine, 2014/06 Jun

Does the city where you live have a nickname? The city where Loredana lives is sometimes called the Eternal City. Loredana lives in Rome, Italy. This beautiful, historic city has many interesting places to visit, like the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain.

Every school morning, after reading the scriptures together, Loredana goes to school. She especially likes art and computer classes. When she gets home, she likes to play with her little brother, Francesco.

My mom read the Book of Mormon to me every night even before she joined the Church. When my mom decided to have the missionaries teach us and I heard them read the Book of Mormon, I recognized it.

My mom takes care of an elderly lady named Angelina. Sometimes on Saturdays I tell Angelina stories and sing her Primary songs. I enjoy helping my friend Angelina.

On Christmas and Easter, I like giving my friends and family handmade gifts. I make my own cards and frames to put special pictures in.

My family likes to go to the beach, visit historic sites in Rome, or just play on the playground.

I often help my stepdad make pasta Amatriciana for dinner.

I Love to See the Temple

My mom and stepdad plan to be sealed in the Rome Italy Temple after it is dedicated. I am excited for that day too. It will be a very special day for our whole family!