Following Jesus: Be Helpful

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“Following Jesus: Be Helpful,” Friend, June 2014, 30

Following Jesus

Be Helpful

Friend Magazine, 2014/06 Jun

What Jesus Taught

One day Jesus was teaching about what we should do when someone asks for our help. He said we should do or give even more than the person asks for. Find out why this is called “going the second mile” by reading Jesus’s words in Matthew 5:40–42.

Following Jesus Today

One night my brother and sister and I started cleaning up the whole house. Then my dad came in and said it was time for bed. In the morning I woke up and my mom said, “Thank you for cleaning up the house.”

Elizabeth C., age 8, Alberta, Canada

I like to help people. When my mother participates in a service activity, I like to go with her and help.

Ian N., age 6, Chihuahua, Mexico

This Month’s Challenges

  • Look for ways to help your Primary teacher during class.

  • Help a brother or sister with homework or a chore.

  • Surprise a parent by cleaning up a room without being asked.

  • I challenge myself to …