Show and Tell

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“Show and Tell,” Friend, June 2014, 38–39

Show and Tell

Friend Magazine, 2014/06 Jun

Paulo and Carlo D., age 10, from the Philippines, are twins. They are eager to receive the priesthood when they turn 12. They love to teach others about the gospel. Carlo tells everyone he knows about the living prophet, and Paulo likes to take his Book of Mormon to school and read it with his classmates. They love to play basketball with their friends.

Haley W., age 6, California, USA, enjoys playing soccer, dancing, and giving talks in Primary. She always tries to be reverent in sacrament meeting because she knows it is a special time to think about Jesus. Haley is a great example to her family and friends of kindness and patience. She is always ready with a hug for someone who is feeling sad.

The activity day girls in the Marlborough and Framingham Wards, Massachusetts, USA, made a quilt for the victims of the Oklahoma City tornadoes. They cut and sewed 162 squares!

Parker C., age 5, Utah, USA, likes to draw, ride bikes, swim, and go camping. He is very creative, and he likes to invent things. Sometimes he builds his own toys, and he shares them with his younger brother and sister. Parker likes to pray, and he knows that Heavenly Father watches over him.

One day at the pool, I overheard a boy saying some bad words. I didn’t want to hear those words, so I decided we should move away from him. Even though we had a lot of stuff, I helped my little sister pack everything up and move so we wouldn’t have to listen to him.

Siobhan N., age 5, Texas, USA

I write songs to help people think more about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I had seen some bad stuff online, so I write about what is good for you. I try to teach people in songs. I have fun writing songs, and I even learn things! I hope my songs can help people have good thoughts and do good deeds.

Will D., age 11, Utah, USA

My siblings and I wear modest clothes wherever we go. It’s one way we show respect for Heavenly Father and ourselves, because our bodies are temples! When I wear modest clothes, I feel good about myself, and I look pretty too!

Eliza A., age 5, with Richmond, Margaret, Dantzel, and Elaine, ages 9, 8, 6, and 3, Philippines

I love the children’s section in the Liahona because the stories help me learn about Heavenly Father. I always ask my mother to read me the stories. I love puzzles, mazes, painting, and telling stories. I like to learn new things in Primary. I know that Heavenly Father loves me, and I try to always remember Him and choose the right.

Jocelyn C., age 4, Nicaragua