Question Corner: Speaking in Church

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“Question Corner: Speaking in Church,” Friend, June 2014, 29

Question Corner

I get really nervous whenever it’s my turn to give a talk in church. What are some things I can do to not feel so scared next time?

Friend Magazine, 2014/06 Jun

My brother Owen and I were both nervous when it was our turn to give talks in church. We decided to practice with our parents every night before bed. We set up a hockey stick as the microphone. We both gave our talks at church and felt happy.

Jett O., age 5, Alberta, Canada

You could make friends with more people in your class so you won’t be scared to give your talk in front of your friends.

Jake J., age 5, Arizona, USA

You can pretend no one is there and you’re speaking to an empty room. You could also practice with your family beforehand. Or, if someone you are comfortable with is in the room, you can focus mainly on them and tune out the others.

Adelle R., age 11, Utah, USA

You can pray to Heavenly Father to help give you guidance and peace before your talk. Make sure you practice your talk over and over again so you feel comfortable while speaking.

Dean, Lauren, Paige, and Tyler T., ages 9, 8, 7, and 4, California, USA

As soon as you get home from church, you can start working on your talk! Try looking through Church magazines for talks on the same subject. Most of all, if you feel the Holy Ghost giving you an idea of what to do, do it!

Annie H., age 10, Maryland, USA

Recently I gave my first talk in sacrament meeting, and I was scared. Some things that helped me overcome my fears were practicing my talk at home until I felt confident and praying to ask Heavenly Father to help me be happy and calm. My parents reminded me that everyone in the crowd wanted me to do well. That helped me feel better.

Dallin C., age 12, Texas, USA

Before you get up to give your talk, you can say a prayer in your mind and heart. That has always worked for me.

Savannah R., age 9, Hawaii, USA