Jesus Calls His Disciples
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“Jesus Calls His Disciples,” Friend, July 2013, 32–34

For Little Friends

Jesus Calls His Disciples

Simon and Andrew were two brothers who were fishermen. One night Simon and Andrew fished all night long but couldn’t catch any fish.

Jesus was on Simon’s boat. He told the brothers to put their nets into the sea one more time. When they pulled up their nets, they were full of fish!

Simon and Andrew called their friends James and John to help empty their nets into their boat. There were so many fish that they filled up two boats! Jesus told the men that if they followed Him, they would fish for something even better than fish. They would be fishers of men.

Simon, Andrew, James, and John left everything. They even left their boats. They became Jesus’s disciples. They followed Jesus and helped Him preach the gospel.

Just like a fisherman who brings fish into a net, we can help bring people to the gospel by being good examples and teaching them about Jesus. We can be fishers of men too!

Illustrations by Apryl Stott