FamilySearch Sleuth
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“FamilySearch Sleuth,” Friend, July 2013, 46


FamilySearch Sleuth

Sam wants to finish filling out some FamilySearch records, but he doesn’t know what information goes where. Use the clues below to help him solve the puzzle. Mark each box with √ for true and O for false to match each person to his or her place and date of birth. See answers on page 48.


Illustration by Mark Robison

  1. Andrew Smith was not born in Delaware.

  2. The person with a birthday in 1776 was born in New York.

  3. The person who was born in England was born in 1690.

  4. Lillian Jane Pierce was not born in England or New York.

  5. Samuel T. Evans, who was born in England, was not born in 1776.

  • Andrew Smith was born in New York on January 31, 1776; Lillian Jane Pierce was born in Delaware on July 24, 1720; Samuel T. Evans was born in England on December 2, 1690.