Bulletin Board
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“Bulletin Board,” Friend, July 2013, 12–13

Bulletin Board

Surprise Service

Service can be especially fun when you do it in secret! Cut out the “Surprise Service” note above and look for chances to surprise someone by serving them when they’re not looking. When you do surprise service for someone, leave the note where they will find it. For example, you could make a sibling’s bed and leave the note on the bed for them to find. Then it is that person’s turn to do a surprise act of service for someone else! See how many times your family members can pass around the note in one week.

I Love to See the Temple

Have you met Erika yet? On page 45 she tells how she helped index names to use in the new temple in El Salvador. If you were to visit that temple, you would see the national flower of her country, called “flor de izote,” in lots of decorations—including on windows, wooden carvings, and granite blocks.

Time Capsule

A time capsule is a fun way to preserve memories.

  • As a family, talk about important things that happened this year.

  • Gather mementos and pictures of those events.

  • Have family members write about themselves and your family, and include a recent family photo.

  • Put all of the treasures into resealable bags and place them in a metal or plastic container. On the outside of the container, write the date you would like to open your time capsule. It could be in one year, five years, or longer!

  • Store your time capsule somewhere safe so you can open it someday.

Ask yourself …

How can I use my talents to help someone today?

Illustrations by Thomas S. Child