Family Story Swap
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“Family Story Swap,” Friend, July 2013, 6

Family Story Swap

Nana’s colorful rug helped her share stories with Katy (see pages 4–5). Here’s a game that can help your family members share stories with each other!

story swap activity

Illustrations by Brad Teare

You will need:

  • Several small solid-colored items. Try to find at least six different colors. You could use buttons, painted pebbles, or colored candies.

  • A bag to hold the items.

What to do:

  1. On the chart at the bottom of this page, write the color of an item by each prompt. Add some prompts of your own.

  2. Have family members sit in a circle. Put the colored items into the bag.

  3. Pass the bag around the circle. Have everyone take turns pulling out an item and answering the prompt that matches the color of the item they chose. Keep going until there are no more items to choose.

Family Story Swap Chart

Can you remember the different stories people shared for each color?



Tell us about your best friend.

When was a time you had to be brave?

Tell us about something silly or embarrassing you once did.

What is your favorite scripture story? Why?

Tell us about a school project that was fun to work on.

If you could change into any animal, what animal would it be and why?