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“Question Corner,” Friend, July 2013, 47

Question Corner

Sometimes I get mad when my soccer team loses. How can I be a good sport?

I was once playing kickball, and we lost miserably. Heavenly Father helped me to be able to smile and congratulate the other team. If you ever get angry while you are losing, I advise you to say a quick prayer in your heart to Heavenly Father to help you have a positive attitude toward your players and the other team.

Heidi W., age 12, Texas, USA

I think about what Jesus would do. I try to be kind to the other players and be happy for them. After the game I think about how I can practice more and do better next time.

Graham W., age 9, Alaska, USA

You have to dwell on the little victories throughout the game and how proud you felt during those times. If you think positively and remember your team’s victories throughout the entire game, I believe you will still feel as proud and happy as if you had won.

Anna L., age 11, New Mexico, USA

When my team loses a soccer game, I think about a Primary song and sing it in my head so that I feel calm inside. That way I can not be mad about losing my soccer game.

Geoffrey B., age 5, Michigan, USA

Try to be happy for the other team. Shake their hands and say, “Good job.” Everyone will like being around you if you show good character when your team loses.

Jason N., age 10, Illinois, USA

My friend was on a different soccer team than me this year. Even if she wins, I am happy for her. We give high fives at the end of the game. The most important thing when you play is to have fun.

Sarah S., age 7, Mississippi, USA

Have a celebration! One time my soccer team lost a game. Everyone was upset. But we were surprised when our coach threw a pizza party. It really lifted our spirits!

Emma M., age 10, Arizona, USA