Praying for the Fawn
July 2013

“Praying for the Fawn,” Friend, July 2013, 27

Praying for the Fawn

Go to our Father in fervent prayer (Children’s Songbook, 108).

I was so worried about the baby deer.

My name is Tyler, and I am eight years old. One day at camp I was walking with my dad, and we saw a newborn fawn lying under a car in the shade. I was worried about it because it seemed tired. I started petting it.

After a while I saw a mother doe with another baby fawn. I knew that the doe was abandoning the first baby under the car. A doctor came and helped me carry the fawn across the street to where the mother was. The doe was leaving, but we put the fawn on the grass and walked away, hoping that the mother would come back.

I was so worried about the baby deer all night, and I prayed three times to Heavenly Father that He would help the fawn. In the morning we checked where we had left the fawn and saw that it was gone. Then we saw the doe lying in some grass with her two babies.

I know that Heavenly Father answered my prayer.

Illustration by Thomas S. Child