A Month of Summer Fun
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“A Month of Summer Fun,” Friend, July 2013, 31

A Month of Summer Fun

calendar for July

Illustrations by Val Chadwick Bagley

  1. Carve soap sculptures with a bar of soap and a butter knife.

  2. See if your library has a summer reading program.

  3. Build a fort.

  4. Clean something around the house to surprise a parent.

  5. Set a Book of Mormon summer reading goal.

  6. Go cloud watching. Draw pictures of what you see.

  7. Make cookies for someone who is sick.

  8. Make the Family Home Evening wheel on page 20.

  9. Write an answer to the next Question Corner on page 47. (Send us a copy!)

  10. Watch for shooting stars or pick out constellations.

  11. Watch birds. Read a book to learn about different birds.

  12. Read aloud to a younger child.

  13. Make the Cheesy Tuna Melt on page 23.

  14. Make breakfast for your mom and dad.

  15. Write your own pageant about a great scene from the scriptures.

  16. Wash a car or bike.

  17. Play in the sprinklers.

  18. Invent a code and write messages to your friends.

  19. Hold a paper airplane competition.

  20. Draw your own Matt & Mandy cartoon (and send us a copy)!

  21. Write a letter to a missionary.

  22. Do secret service for someone in your family.

  23. Play shadow tag—try to tag each other’s shadows!

  24. Invent a secret language.

  25. Play “I Spy” in a museum or park.

  26. Write a message to yourself and hide it so you can find it later.

  27. Go swimming and have a cannonball contest.

  28. Color a picture for your grandparents.

  29. Look for butterflies in a garden or field.

  30. Pick up litter at a park.

  31. Bury a treasure and make a treasure map.