Take the Lead!
September 2012

“Take the Lead!” Friend, Sept. 2012, 24–25

Take the Lead!

You don’t have to be extra smart, popular, or talented to be a leader. By living the way Jesus taught us to, you can be a good example for others to follow. And that’s being a real leader!

In Testimony

At school a boy was bullying a girl. I saw her crying and went over and told the boy to stop. He walked away. I told the girl that she was a daughter of God. She stopped crying. She was a member of the Church, and I told her to bring a Book of Mormon to school to help her remember she was a princess, a daughter of a king. We played together for the rest of recess.

Madison S., age 9, Utah

In Courage

My friend is sometimes very bossy and does not play nicely with the other children in our neighborhood. She is sometimes mean to me too. Once I wanted to say something to her but was scared, so I talked it over with my mom. She gave me some ideas of what to say and practiced it with me a few times. Now I am able to handle this situation by myself. I remind my friend to be nice when she forgets.

Bela T., age 7, North Carolina

In Kindness

There’s a boy at school who is teased behind his back and is lonely. I saw him sitting alone one day, so I went to talk with him. I found out that when he was a baby he had seizures and a stroke. The stroke injured his brain and makes certain things harder for him to do. I decided to invite him to my birthday party. His family was excited because he hasn’t been invited to very many parties. He doesn’t smile very often, but he smiled a lot at my party and had a great time!

Jason D., age 11, Arizona

In Caring

At my school people were making fun of a girl because she was different and she didn’t have very many clothes. So I packed up a bunch of my clothes and a lot of hair clips, ponytail holders, and other hair stuff. I took it to school and gave it to her. She said, “Thank you so much. I needed that!” And after that we became great friends.

Madison H., age 9, Utah

In Example

At the beginning of the school year, a boy moved to my town. I made friends with him, and one day he asked me about my CTR ring. I told him it stood for “Choose the Right.” I also told him that when I’m making a choice, I look at my CTR ring, and it helps me. To my surprise, he asked for one! A week later, I gave one to him. I knew I’d chosen the right!

Mark R., age 11, Texas