Draw a Missionary
September 2012

“Draw a Missionary,” Friend, Sept. 2012, 46


Draw a Missionary

The first missionaries were called to teach people about Jesus Christ’s restored Church in September 1830. Follow the guidelines below to learn how to draw a missionary from the early days of the Church.

drawing instructions

Illustrations by Brad Teare

  1. With a soft pencil, sketch an egg shape for the head, a tube for the neck, and a rounded line for the shoulders.

  2. Lightly draw some lines indicating where the eyes and nose go.

  3. Add ovals for the eyes and curved lines for the nose, mouth, and ears. Keep shapes simple.

  4. Add details like hair and clothes. Make any changes you think will make the drawing better.

  5. Erase construction lines and thicken the remaining lines.

  6. Use watercolor, crayons, or colored pencils to add color.

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