Help Stamp Out Bad Language

“Help Stamp Out Bad Language,” Friend, Sept. 2012, 45

Help Stamp Out Bad Language

The boy who wrote the letter at the left is a real 11-year-old boy. When he made a mistake and used bad language in school, his parents asked him to do some research to find out what’s wrong with profanity. Here are some things he learned:

  • Profanity is language that is disrespectful, irreverent, and immodest. It doesn’t have to be a swear word.

  • What’s wrong with profanity and crude language?

    • It shows disrespect for others.

    • It can easily turn a conversation into an argument.

    • It shows immaturity and a lack of imagination.

    • It hurts others.

  • Bad language includes profanity, rude or crude words, immodest words, and swear words.

Is It OK to Say?

Before you speak, ask yourself:

  • Is it true?

  • Is it kind?

  • Would I use these words if the Savior were standing beside me?

Illustrations by Maryn Roos

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